What is EDI Webpad


EDI Webpad is an online EDI files editor, translator, and validator.

The main things you can do with it are:

  • Upload EDI files and translate them to JSON. EDI files are automatically expanded, one segment per line
  • Validate the JSON representation of an EDI file according to the rules of the standard (X12, EDIFACT, etc.)
  • Highlight and overlay any validation/translation issues at the exact EDI segment
  • Edit the EDI file or the JSON, to create your own EDI file
  • Translate the JSON back to EDI file
  • Generate 997, 999, TA1 or CONTRL acknowledgment

It's a lightweight web application built on top of our API and using Javascript only.

EDI Webpad is limited to translate files/content with a size of up to 5 MB.

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