TA1 object is only used as part of the X12Interchange object when a TA1 acknowledgment is generated and represents the standard TA1 segment.



  "InterchangeControlNumber_1": "810000263",
  "InterchangeDate_2": "071214",
  "InterchangeTime_3": "1406",
  "InterchangeAcknowledgmentCode_4": "A",
  "InterchangeNoteCode_5": "000"



InterchangeControlNumber_1 string

A control number assigned by the interchange sender.

InterchangeDate_2 string

Date of the interchange.

InterchangeTime_3 string

Time of the interchange.

InterchangeAcknowledgmentCode_4 string

Code indicating the status of the receipt of the interchange control structure.

InterchangeNoteCode_5 string

Code specifying the error found processing the interchange control structure.

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