X12Group object represents an X12 functional group, GS/GE block. X12Group object is only used as part of the X12Interchange object.



    "GS": {
        "CodeIdentifyingInformationType_1": "IN",
        "SenderIDCode_2": "SENDER1",
        "ReceiverIDCode_3": "RECEIVER1",
        "Date_4": "20071216",
        "Time_5": "1406",
        "GroupControlNumber_6": "000000001",
        "TransactionTypeCode_7": "X",
        "VersionAndRelease_8": "004010"
    "Transactions": [{
        "ST": {
            "TransactionSetIdentifierCode_01": "850",
            "TransactionSetControlNumber_02": "0001"
        "_comment": "... model specific content goes here ...",
        "SE": {
            "NumberofIncludedSegments_01": "15",
            "TransactionSetControlNumber_02": "0001"
        "Model": "EdiNation.X12.ASC.004010"
    "GETrailers": [{
        "NumberOfIncludedSets_1": "1",
        "GroupControlNumber_2": "000000001"



GS GS object

The GS segment.

Transactions list of Transaction objects

The list of transactions. This can be any type that represents a transaction which is also recognized as a model by EdiNation.

The following transaction models are allowed:

GETrailers list of GE objects

The list of group trailers. It always contains one item for valid groups.

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