Read X12

  • Path: /x12/read
  • HTTP Verb: POST
  • Required API Key: Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key (Get API Key)
  • Request Content-Type: multipart/form-data
  • Request limit: 28.6 MB
  • Response Content-Type: application/json



Reads an X12 file and returns its contents translated to JSON as an array of X12Interchange objects.



  • 200: Success
  • 400: When the file stream is invalid or the form-data is not set properly.
  • 500: Something went wrong on our end. Please report at


The API will respond with HTTP 200 OK even if the contents of the file can't be translated. Error details will be included in the Result section of X12Interchange.



ignoreNullValues boolean

Whether to ignore all null values in the response. The default is false.

continueOnError boolean

Whether to continue reading if a corrupt interchange is encountered. The default is false.

charSet enumeration

The encoding of the file contents. The default is utf-8.

The available values are:

Value Description
utf-16 Unicode
unicodeFFFE Unicode (Big endian)
utf-32 Unicode (UTF-32)
utf-32BE Unicode (UTF-32 Big endian)
us-ascii US-ASCII
iso-8859-1 Western European (ISO)
utf-7 Unicode (UTF-7)
utf-8 Unicode (UTF-8)

model string

The model to use. By default, the API will infer the model based on the transaction and version identifiers.



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