Write X12

  • Path: /x12/write
  • HTTP Verb: POST
  • Required API Key: Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key (Get API Key)
  • Request Content-Type: application/json
  • Request limit: 28.6 MB
  • Response Content-Type: application/octet-stream



Translates an X12Interchange object to a raw X12 interchange and returns it as a stream.



  • 200: Success
  • 400: When the X12Interchange has an invalid JSON structure.
  • 500: Something went wrong on our end. Please report at support@edination.com



preserveWhitespace boolean

Whether to preserve blank data elements so the output contains multiple delimiters instead of omitting any excess delimiters. The default is false.

charSet string

The encoding of the resulting stream. The default is utf-8.

The available values are:

Value Description
utf-16 Unicode
unicodeFFFE Unicode (Big endian)
utf-32 Unicode (UTF-32)
utf-32BE Unicode (UTF-32 Big endian)
us-ascii US-ASCII
iso-8859-1 Western European (ISO)
utf-7 Unicode (UTF-7)
utf-8 Unicode (UTF-8)

postfix string

The postfix to be applied at the end of each segment, just after the segment separator. This is usually a carriage return (CR), line feed (LF) or both. By default, there is no postfix.


If you need to generate an X12 with non-default separators, set the following items as part of the X12Interchange payload:

  • Segment separator: X12Interchange.SegmentDelimiter
  • Data element separator: X12Interchange.DataElementDelimiter
  • Repetition separator: X12Interchange.ISA.InterchangeControlStandardsIdentifier_11
  • Component data element separator: X12Interchange.ISA.ComponentElementSeparator_16



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