EdifactGroup object represents an EDIFACT functional group, UNG/UNE block. EdifactGroup object is only used as part of the EdifactInterchange object.



  "UNG": {
    "MessageGroupIdentification_1": "CUSCAR",
      "ApplicationSenderIdentification_1": "LOCK",
      "IdentificationCodeQualifier_2": "ZZ"
      "ApplicationRecipientIdentification_1": "CBP-ACE-TEST",
      "IdentificationCodeQualifier_2": "ZZ"
      "Date_1": "20041016",
      "Time_2": "1604"
    "GroupReferenceNumber_5": "54",
    "ControllingAgency_6": "UN",
      "MessageVersionNumber_1": "D",
      "MessageReleaseNumber_2": "03B"
  "Transactions": [{
    "UNH": {
      "MessageReferenceNumber_01": "000000101",
      "MessageIdentifier_02": {
        "MessageType_01": "ORDERS",
        "MessageVersionNumber_02": "D",
        "MessageReleaseNumber_03": "96A",
        "ControllingAgencyCoded_04": "UN"
    "_comment": "... model specific content goes here ...",
    "UNT": {
      "NumberofSegmentsinaMessage_01": "38",
      "MessageReferenceNumber_02": "000000101"
    "Model": "EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D96A"
  "UNETrailers": [{
    "GroupControlCount_1": "1",
    "GroupReferenceNumber_2": "54"



UNG UNG object

The UNG segment.

Transactions list of Transaction objects

The list of transactions. This can be any type that represents a transaction which is also recognized as a model by EdiNation.

The following transaction models are allowed:

UNETrailers list of UNE objects

The list of group trailers. It always contains one item for valid groups.

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