X12Interchange object represents an X12 interchange, ISA/IEA block. You get an array of X12 interchanges as part of the Read operation when translating an X12 file to JSON. The Read operation supports X12 files that contain multiple interchanges, that's why the response is an array. In most situations, the array will contain only a single item.

The X12Interchange object can be used with the Write operation, to translate it into an X12 file, with the Validate operation, to validate that the interchange is compliant, and with the Ack operation, to generate 997, 999 and/or TA1 acknowledgment.



POST /x12/read Response
POST /x12/write Request
POST /x12/validate Request
POST /x12/ack Request and Response



    "SegmentDelimiter": "~",
    "DataElementDelimiter": "*",
    "ISA": {
        "AuthorizationInformationQualifier_1": "00",
        "AuthorizationInformation_2": "          ",
        "SecurityInformationQualifier_3": "00",
        "SecurityInformation_4": "          ",
        "SenderIDQualifier_5": "16",
        "InterchangeSenderID_6": "SENDER1        ",
        "ReceiverIDQualifier_7": "14",
        "InterchangeReceiverID_8": "RECEIVER1      ",
        "InterchangeDate_9": "071216",
        "InterchangeTime_10": "1406",
        "InterchangeControlStandardsIdentifier_11": "U",
        "InterchangeControlVersionNumber_12": "00204",
        "InterchangeControlNumber_13": "000000263",
        "AcknowledgementRequested_14": "1",
        "UsageIndicator_15": "T",
        "ComponentElementSeparator_16": ">"
    "Groups": [{
        "GS": {
            "CodeIdentifyingInformationType_1": "IN",
            "SenderIDCode_2": "SENDER1",
            "ReceiverIDCode_3": "RECEIVER1",
            "Date_4": "20071216",
            "Time_5": "1406",
            "GroupControlNumber_6": "000000001",
            "TransactionTypeCode_7": "X",
            "VersionAndRelease_8": "004010"
        "Transactions": [{
            "ST": {
                "TransactionSetIdentifierCode_01": "850",
                "TransactionSetControlNumber_02": "0001"
            "_comment": "... model specific content goes here ...",
            "SE": {
                "NumberofIncludedSegments_01": "15",
                "TransactionSetControlNumber_02": "0001"
            "Model": "EdiNation.X12.ASC.004010"
        "GETrailers": [{
            "NumberOfIncludedSets_1": "1",
            "GroupControlNumber_2": "000000001"
    "IEATrailers": [{
        "NumberOfIncludedGroups_1": "1",
        "InterchangeControlNumber_2": "000000263"
    "Result": {
        "LastIndex": 19,
        "Details": [],
        "Status": "success"



SegmentDelimiter string

The value of ISA16.

DataElementDelimiter string

The value at position 4 in the ISA segment.

ISA ISA object

The ISA segment.

TA1 TA1 object

The TA1 segment. Included only when the X12Interchange is the result of an acknowledgment (997 or 999) operation.

Groups list of X12Group objects

The list of functional groups.

IEATrailers list of IEA objects

The list of interchange trailers. Always contains one item for valid interchanges.

Result OperationResult object

The operation result.

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