How to Generate EDIFACT CONTRL

Generate EDIFACT CONTRL with the HTTP POST Method

You can generate an EDIFACT CONTRL acknowledgment for an EdifactInterchange by using the HTTP POST method. The request body must be an EdifactInterchange. Execute HTTP POST to the resource URL, with the request included as application/json content.

  1. URL:
  2. Request: EdifactInterchange
  3. Response: EdifactInterchange

The response will contain an EdifactInterchange, encoded in application/json format, which represents the CONTRL acknowledgment with the original UNB and UNB, where the sender and receiver had been swapped and the UNB5 (Interchange Control Reference) had been set to 1. By default technical CONTRL will be included as per UNB9 (Acknowledgment Request) flag.

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